Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Over Night

A short but powerful point:

Sports and entertainment are windows into how our society acts and looks.

Here we have young athletes and movie stars that come into the professional realm and they are seen as the 'next big thing' or 'shockingly great'.

They are seen as over night successes. The type of people that just picked up a ball or merely read a script and were great. bingo. Found in the grocery store and then thrust into the spot light.

Don't believe the hype and certainly don't model it or expect it for yourself.

These so called "over nighters" are soon to be huge sport celebrities but they prepared for these moments, the same way as actors worked on their dreams only to become household names.

There are no such thing as over night successes. Some find success at a quicker rate than others but each an every person that has seen themselves fulfill a dream or desire has had to work at it.

When you become a success they won't see how you got up early, stayed up late, saved your pennies, denied yourself free time and made hard choices.

They will see you as an over night success.
We know better. The secret is out.