Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Status Quo?

Are you a leader or want to be one?

If so, the key is to understand that as a leader, it is your responsibility to find out what motivates your peers, co-workers, teammates and apply that knowledge to get results from them.

Let's look at the leaders that exist in companies of the business world. There are some leaders of companies who are continually meeting new challenges. While there are other leaders who resign to dealing with an ever-shrinking list of challenges “within their control”.

One set of leaders are innovating and seeking to deal with the problems. The other are setting barriers for the company's accomplishments.

One set of leaders are influencers, the other set of leaders develop coping mechanisms.

It’s so easy to be the second type of leaders. Those are leaders that label their challenges as “out of my control” or “impossible to resolve”. These are leaders that accept the status quo. These are leaders who don’t understand influence and haven’t taken the time to see how they can motivate others for performance.

Being an influencer however, involves two things. In the first place, it involves identifying the needs of your peers, co-workers, teammates. Secondly, it involves identifying pressure points that will allow you to influence them. It’s a practice in organizational goal-setting and motivation.

Although it is easy to be that second type - would you truly classify yourself as a leader if you never give 110% and easily accept status quo? Don't think so.

But that is for you to decide, just like for you to decide if you want to be a leader.

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