Wednesday, January 09, 2008

There's Something for Everyone

And it is the truth.

1. Don't fight it.
2. Don't feel that you have to follow the pack.

Unknowingly, people try to be something that they aren't just to stay a part of everything. Whether you are a business owner trying to have the entire market place and bad talk all of the competition or you try to force yourself to be someone that you aren't so that you can be a part of aren't getting yourself ahead...and in fact, are putting yourself behind by lowering your credibility or trying to force the square peg (that you could be) into a round hole.

If you understand that the business down the street might be better suited for some 'potentials' that walk into your doors OR if you understand yourself well enough to know that what you are interested in/good at is not the 'mainstream', that is when you will succeed. And when you realize this...just stick the hand up and say 'this isn't for me' or 'you might be better dealing with xx' is OK to do this.

No one will cut you down for your honesty. Because THERE IS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.

For example, my writing style might cater & appeal to some swim upstream readers more than Scott's, Stan's, Willie's or Matt's. And any one of their writing styles might do the exact same thing...and that is one reason why team environments are so beneficial. Because when you have variety it can cater to the variety of people.

Another great example is

Team Average Jo -

A site that was created to showcase the reality that one doesn't need to be an elite athlete to experience extraordinary events and destinations. And that the there is a variety of events and adventures that cater to the variety of individuals...there are some that enjoy to hike, some that enjoy to do intense adventure races and some people that enjoy to site see Australia...all different & unique in their own way. Just like us as human beings.

We are all different. And that is ok. Remember, there is something for everyone.

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