Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In life, we grow up and unconsciously build a defense system. And a majority of this defense system is built on the fear of reprisal or penalty. As children, if we did not know the right answers at home or in school, we may have been reprimanded, punished, or made to feel stupid. And because we are oriented to survival, most of us learned early to adopt attitudes of defense.

Eventually with time and self-observation, we see & recognize that our defenses keep us from receiving. The need to control and the need "to know" or to be "right" is a hindrance to our own growth. Therefore, as we alter our inner perception & thought process from a defensive stance to openness, we allow questions to arise and answers to be provided. We can become curious and see "not knowing" as a positive instead of a negative. We lift the myth of the need to be perfect from our shoulders, and open the door to personal growth and development.

We can start letting down our defenses, and making ourselves vulnerable by being willing to trust others and most importantly ourselves. When we share and are vulnerable amongst a group, we begin to remove the glass walls that we have lived behind that magnified the negative reflection that we projected. We begin to realize that everyone has questions that are not answered and weaknesses that can be worked on. And in fact, being vulnerable, which we perceived as weakness, becomes our greatest strength.

Everyone has a story.
It is ok to be vulnerable.
So give it a try.

And gain deeper insights that will guide you to meaningful answers in your life.