Monday, January 14, 2008

What's good leadership?

Headline : George Bush seeks mid east peace deal to end his term.

When I read this headline, I have to admit, I thought this was a tad ironic. Is this the same leader who has exhibited hostilities towards Iraq, Iran, North Korea & Russia (to name a few of the big one’s) over the past 4-8 years? What does a world leader say when this guy rolls into town in the name of peace?

Anyways, this is not the focus of Monday’s blog. The purpose of this blog is to address what great leadership is. I think across 2007, we (sports personalities, ceo’s, and politicians alike) needed a reminder that great leaders are those who’ve left their sport, company and geographic region in better standing then they found it in.

Better than they found it entails… ‘legacy’ and legacy denotes that policies, practices, ideas and implementations that served to bring the organism to higher levels than those that previously existed. It’s not about sharp financial spikes that seem to all but vanish when the so called leader vanishes. It’s about long term success based on strong platforms that can be built upon, inspire others and maintain growth for years to come.

So to all leaders who thought they were 'the bomb' over their tenure only to leave their organization in a worse state of affair than they came to it or found it in.

Don’t kid yourself.
You weren't that good.
That's not effective leadership. In fact, scroll down to Scott's friday blog caption and understand what the real term for what you did was.

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