Monday, February 25, 2008

Don't confuse confidence and arrogance.

the irony is when we keep things inside of us we are labeled introverts / shy and quiet, yet when we begin the process of articulating our thoughts, beliefs and actions we fall under a new label of know it all, cocky and arrogant.

that's pack thinking and if there's one point all of us at SUS are 100% united on and passionate about it's the one that says don't sign up for pack thought. do not fear speaking your truth. if your truth happens to help others affirm their truths - fantastic. if not, do not fear the scrutiny that comes with that denial.

the argument is age old. 'what happens in the family, stays in the family' and after years of suppression - and billions in anti depressant drugs, therapy and treatments - we see where that's led us. now we are in the age of tell it all; facebook, blogs and personal platforms that enables everyone's voice to be heard. it will take awhile to see what will happen with that, yet the stats don't lie and the number of coming out - rebirth and empowering moments seem to indicate - we may be onto something.

during that process - we will develop critics. those who will form an opinion, based on your opinion. and that's exactly what it's all about. no one professes to have 'the' one size fit's all answer, more importantly is that we are providing 'an' answer.

and because we have developed the support and confidence, does not mean we are arrogant enough to think we are always right. nor should you. yet that reality should not keep you from saying anything at all.

be confident.

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