Monday, February 04, 2008

don't fear standing tall.

friend of ours puts themselves out there by sharing intimate details of his challenges and adversities through his childhood and in the local media stream and hears two distinct responses.

a) thanks & praise. the story hit the mark in terms of being uplifting, educational and motivational. it’s seen as a heroic example and will be used for peoples personal & professional development and a tool for their kids as an example of making choices.

b) scrutiny and criticism. the story is taken out of the overall context and made into a story about said particular reader. they are upset that the media has omitted a few key details about the particulars of this story and cast a more dramatic spin than was realistically warranted.

this, swimupstream audience is the reality of social ‘differentiation’

when you intentionally or unintentionally stand above the rest (figuratively speaking of course) you make yourself a larger target because you don’t blend in, go with the flow, or accept a fate or will imposed on you by anyone other than yourself.

you become the pain in the ass, the ‘almighty’ and / or unreasonable one. truthfully, were it not for the very confidence required to separate you from the status quo in the first place – you’d probably get dragged right back into the wash.

the point of today’s post is to understand the ramifications that come with being your own thinker, an independent doer or one who doesn’t subscribe to the majorities ideals. you will be looked upon as the abnormal entity – but don’t waste your time fighting or fearing it. we can almost guarantee you will seldom change the perception of those who have created a perception of you without taking the time to get to know you first.

there are few people fighting to make their way up the river to the lake – the reason is simple : it’s hard. there will be times where you look at those on the rubber tubes, sipping beers, splashing along who point at you as they laugh, mock, comment & criticize your m.o. but at the end of the day / moth / year & life while your sitting pretty on your peaceful 1 acre waterfront spread – take a guess where they will be at the bottom of?

be confident
think on your own
don’t fear standing apart from the crowd.

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