Thursday, February 07, 2008

Every Excuse In The Book

We've all heard that life is tough, it isn't fair, and that being a parent, leader, coach, or effective person is a lot of work. This may be true- hell, it is true... but what is also true is that many people use these facts as a cop-out for getting what they want out of life, and setting a better example.

Just some of the excuses heard through the peanut gallery every day that are more transparent than people think...

"That's not my department" When employees use this one, not only do they lose buy-in on behalf of the customer to how the company as a whole is run, they actually lose customers. Better to hear bad news and an apology than B.S. and an excuse

"That may work for you, but not me". While it may be true that one person's reality may differ greatly from anothers, tools to become succesful seldom differ. If you read enough business books, they start to develop common themes (although of course some are better than others). The same is true of leadership, and being effective at just about anything.

"I'm too busy". That's an interesting one, because often the people who complain the most about being busy have the least on their plate- they are just unorganized. Those who acheive the most, have a TON on their to-do list, but they have mastered or are mastering the art of time management and planning.

"The previous generation didn't know what they were doing" This one is perhaps the most dumbfounding... while some younger people out there have a world of respect for their parents and granparents, as a whole we seem to think that today's society has got it together way more than our parents did... despite the fact that divorce rates, pollution, crime, poverty, and basically misery - have all increased.

While there are many more excuses in the book; here are just 4 dangerous ones to avoid if you hope to get what you want out of life- instead of just what you get.

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