Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If a Tree Falls in the Forest

"Integrity is doing something that is right when nobody is looking."

Have you ever watched children playing in a group. Slowly they become oblivious to you being around and just interact with one another. You can watch as they talk to on another, discuss plans for the day, the colour of a dolls hair and if spider-man was their Dad how strong he would be. You know, the usual stuff. You watch and watch and then the spider-man discussion heats up.


Someone takes a truck to the head or has an eyeball scratched. Are you aware of what happens next? The eyes look up to find out if anyone saw their indiscretion. They look in fear to see if there will be consequences.

These are children. They don't know any better and the only outlet they have is to just follow their emotions. They haven't totally learned how to act and handle themselves.

It is amazing how many adults act the same. When they aren't being watched they do just what they want.

Are you playing to the crowd and pretending you are a great citizen, husband, wife, father, mother...? How do you act when you are all alone?

Read the first line again and then answer the above.

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