Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Imagine If

we were excited to wake up 95% of the year
we always left all of our baggage out of our lives
we always communicated our thoughts
we consistently formulated a yearly plan and accomplished it well
we constantly strived to be a 'better' something or someone each and every day
we took the time to listen to the advice of others who have walked before us
we followed that advice without fighting the feedback
we were not worried about being 'the star', but made others shine
we saw our efforts and legacy spread to the people around us
we saw others progress by matching their passion with their skills
we were supported by close family & friends when we cross any personal threshold
we treated each human being, as we would want to be treated
we could share our feelings & struggles and no one would judge us
we realize we were responsible for making people's lives better
we realize just how much of our destinies we have the power to control

Where would the world be?

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