Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Less Is More

I am a Dad. It is an interesting job and one that certainly requires reflection continuously.

I watch my son grow up, try new things, fail, succeed and live for the moment. I watch how he interacts, learns to push buttons and aims for the peak always. The peak which, for the most part, is a chocolate cookie or being allowed to stay up a little later.

I also watch how he acts confused, uninterested, and plain bratty when he gets too much of what he thinks he wants.

I think he is a reflection of how we all are. Angling, working and playing to get our new toys, our dream life, and what we think we want all without any real rational.

Toys, things and stuff. We have spawned a powerful business genre of self storage to keep our stuff safe and sound. Yet it is people like the Dali-Lama that live a life free of clutter and thus live in a peaceful state. The clean and organized are the epitome of living a less is more lifestyle. Are we really making our lives better by 'needing' so many material goods?

How can you clean out your life so you leave room in your mind for development?
  1. Purge your cupboards and get rid of at least 50% of what you have
  2. If in doubt don't buy. Keep the money and the space.
  3. Practice enjoying just being. Go for a walk, a run without music, and just live with yourself for a moment.
  4. Give small gifts of thought and respect anything someone gives you, especially at holiday time.
  5. Don't fall in love with material goods. You come in naked, so shall you leave this world.
  6. Clear up every area of your life that isn't organized. Purge.
  7. Teach others to appreciate less so they can be appreciating period. Desert every night is boring...but once in while is fantastic and thrilling.
Learn to live with less and you will live with more. More vibrancy, more appreciation, more time and more spirit.

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