Friday, February 08, 2008

Maximizing Your Living Potential

In April of 2005, Steve Vaught decided that he was going to walk from his home in San Diego to New York City. His reason for taking on this walk was because he had become obese and he needed to do something to “regain his life”. Steve made the walk successfully, received accolades for all he accomplished, changed his life, and now has a movie documenting his journey.

Before his journey Steve was your average person, working a steady job, had a family, and was living his life. His rock bottom moment, which led to his walk, was that he had become dissatisfied with the physical, social, and emotional life that he was living.

There are millions of Steve Vaught’s throughout this world, in fact we all probably can relate to Steve in some sense, but do we really have to wait until we hit rock bottom so that we can begin to truly live?

So much of our time is spent getting through today, that we lose sight of what really is in our best interests. Our lives become so mundane that we forget that in order to maximize our living potential we must first seek to truly understand what we are living for.

Maximizing our living potential is about creating an environment where we are surrounded by people with whom we want to share life experiences with. There are things in life that we have to do, but if we are going to maximize our living potential we need to spend the least amount of time on these projects so that we get to a place where we can do what we want to do.

The greatest deterrent we have in maximizing our living potential is that we remain so focused on our have to do’s that we never free up the mental space necessary to ever understand what we want to do. Therefore we take the passive approach, surround ourselves with people who will allow us to get through today, and forget how to separate our haves from our wants.

Un-acted upon ambitions only last for so long before we lose the ability to remain ambitious. Nobody sets out to be ordinary, but there is a lot we do every day in our lives that allows us to become ordinary. Settling for less that you want is giving into the environment your inactivity has created and in no way will lead to maximizing what you believe your life should be.

Don’t get me wrong, stories like Steve’s are inspirational, but we don’t have to hit rock bottom in order to make it to the top. If we start maximizing our living potential today then the climb to the top is much less difficult than if we wait until tomorrow.

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