Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Low

Not one to watch a lot of television, I was horrified by what I saw during the little I did watch this week...

There is a new show on called "Moment of Truth"... while flipping channels I caught the premise and, like a train wreck- watched in amazement and shock that it was even on. On swimupstream there are a lot better things to discuss then what is on television, except when we realize a) what is on TV, b) that the average North American youth watches 5 hours of it a day, and c) what time the real garbage is on.

The show featured a 26 year old daughter, sister, and wife who- in the pursuit of money, was hooked up to a lie detector and admitted the following on national TV for the first time in front of her family and husband;
- she was fired from a previous job for stealing
- she had secrets from her mother about her dad
- she was in love with an ex-boyfriend on her wedding day
- she feels she is married to the wrong man
- she has cheated on her husband

Now I am not saying that this is the only trash TV out there... the point is we are living in a society where people drag their most intimate secrets out onto the world stage and kill their relationships for money and so we can cheer. By not bringing this into debate, we would be condoning that sort of garbage behaviour. While many of you may ask, "what kind of person would go on that show?" - which is a great question... we also need to address what kind of a person would watch that show every week- because if we are not careful- the answer will be our children who may think a guy getting his heart ripped out of his chest on national TV is funny, yet those same boys hope that one day their wives will be faithful.

While not lobbying for censorship, today's entry serves to ask us whether or not certain envelopes NEED pushing? Do we need to lower the standard of public entertainment any further? You decide through your actions.

Hopefully we are on the verge of becoming a society where a show like this flops due to lack of interest (and even a little disgust).

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