Tuesday, February 26, 2008


It seems that everything I learn these days comes from watching my children. I wonder if there is a lesson in that alone?

Have you ever sat around children when they want a treat? You know, waltzed by the ice cream shop with your niece or finished a meal with your own children and then watched their eyes as their expectation of desert increases. Their little heads go crazy and the filter between thought and action explodes. On come the pleas, the begging and the obsession for "the treat".

They are just relentless.

"No, I'm sorry. We can't have sweets every night." They keep coming...
"I said no." And coming...
"Maybe tomorrow." And coming...
"I am not telling you again. No desert." And still they keep coming...
"This is the last time I tell you." And they come back one more time with the pretty please eyes...

The thing is, nine out of ten guardians break down around here [not you of course, but the weaker ones like me].

Something like this,
"Well if we have desert tonight there won't be any tomorrow." The nods of the head and the grubby hands go out. Victory! [Plus lots of time to work on tomorrow, tomorrow.]

They seem to know that if they keep trying, even if they fail this once, the chances of success are at least decent. These kids also seem to know that they can be relentless in areas where there is a sliver of hope. They will never plea to jump out of a car at speed even if they are dare devils. Their hopes are still attached to reality. A reality that gives them a chance no matter how many times they don't get what they want.

Is your idea worth being relentless for? Do you have something you will accept a thousands negative responses for until you receive the "yes" you so desire?

Is your idea based on something people will really want or need even if they don't know it now?

If you know it is, then get out there and start being relentless. It may be the only thing left before your ultimate success. Take it from the kids, just don't stop.

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