Thursday, February 21, 2008

Take A Risk

There are those who beleive that you cannot regret anything you do in this life so long as their was no malicious intent going into the action, and so long as a lesson is gained through doing so. Personally I find this line of thinking hard to argue with.

There are many things I would not do again at this point in my life, but to truly regret having done them? I don't know that I can say that. The inspiration for this line of thinking comes from a very refreshing source... a 21 year old girl who has just joined our workforce in Calgary via Owen Sound, Ontario.

This is a girl who was unhappy settling for domestic bliss due to a lack of options at 21 years of age... so she told her boyfriend she wanted to move west, he dumped her, she saved up $1000 and took a job in a foreign city 25 times the size of her hometown! She is rooming with a teammate temporarily until permanent housing can be arranged; she doesn't have a vehicle, and she has no idea what to expect, or what tomorrow will bring...

and she is loving it! What many young (and not so young) people need to realize - you can always start over. If it doesn't work in Calgary she can try Edmonton, Vancouver, the United States, or she can move back home with her family and start over.

Some people consider the prospect of moving back to their hometown after a venture doesn't go as planned as failure, or returning with your tail between your legs. What these people may be missing is that what may be missing financially in such a situation has likely more than been replaced by perspective and life lessons that are going to lead to greater success in business venture number 2,3,5 or 37.

We have probably all heard that success is getting up one more time than you fall down... what we sometimes forget is to live this advice and take risks that may lead us to fall down and have to get back up again. In the scheme of things we can live a life free of risk by avoiding chance (and avoiding rewards and new experiences and avoiding - FUN) or we can get scarred up, raise a few eyebrows, and look back one day and proclaim...

"I Lived Life! Damn that was fun!" choice is yours... take a risk or take a nap.

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