Monday, March 17, 2008

Are we really that significant?

At the beginning of this month, a group of us from Innovative Fitness completed a trail running race in Tunisia, Africa called the 100km Del Sahara. It was an amazing race that was both physically and mentally challenging which saw many personal victories. It also allowed for a lot time thinking and reflecting on how lucky we have it in North America.

I would like to share 2 of my big take aways.

1. We are very insignificant in the whole scheme of things.

Spending many hours per day running in the middle of a desert is a great reality check for ones ego. No matter how big you think you are, the desert puts you back in your place! The vast terrain, the endless dirt roads and sand dunes, the desolate landscape, the bright sky distant at night and the weather's unforgiving power really put ones life into perspective. I suggest that anyone who's head is getting to big for their body go to the Sahara! They will come back a lot more humble.

2. Drama? We really have nothing to be dramatic about.

In the age of North Americans complaining about pretty much anything that doesn't go our way, ("My Starbucks is too cold, my cleaning lady was late this morning, my air conditioning is acting up", etc) this trip was an eye opening experience to see how others in third world countries really live. To see people in the middle of absolutely no where, with no water, no heat, sitting in front of their huts made out of plaster with no one in sight for miles and miles, really puts things into perspective and confirms all the drama we create as a society is completely unnecessary.

Take aways:
  • We can not take our life for granted, we really are lucky and others would do anything to be in our shoes.
  • If we ever need a reality check, we should take a trip to a 3rd world country to see how others live and how the simple necessities of life can make them happy.

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