Monday, March 03, 2008

Average Pays Poorly

My wife did her taxes online last year. When there was a problem she called the help desk. The nice gentlemen there walked here through the issue and solved the problem professionally and reasonably quickly. He was in India, had never been to North America and had no idea about how our taxation worked.
  • the person on the other end of your drive through conversation isn't in the same postal code as you either. Maybe not the same country.
  • help desk information for airlines are rarely even people. Mostly they are computers.
  • hoteliers operate out of a single hub
  • online ordering has consolidated certain industries almost entirely [travel, books, music]
Employers everywhere can hire perfectly average staff members almost anywhere or just assemble a system to eliminate them entirely, and it costs a fraction of what they are spending now.

Why should the business owner carry the burden of you doing "just good enough"?

Average people roll slowly downhill, exceptional people always have a place in any part of the world.

Deciding which one you are is really just a choice.

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