Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Control or Order?

If you ever get the chance to stop by and watch a triathlon event in your little area of the world make sure you do it. It is an incredible orchestra of bodies, machines, water, pavement and food. The term "organized chaos" comes to mind.

Ironman events in particular can illicit some strange emotions from even the most athletically declined of us. As many as 2500 participants, thousands of fans, and a bevvy of volunteers are rolling over the course at any given time. The tasks to keep it all together are monumental. The time to have it all happen is so short. Yet the best events run brilliantly. Each event has a hitch but the good ones hide it well and take care of their competitors, participants and fans accordingly. The people in charge have done what they can do at 110% and the chips always seems to fall into place.

In your business, team or non-profit are you embracing the organized chaos or are you over working the details.

People cannot be controlled but they can be organized. Control is a problem. Order leads to success. The best events and groups understand that people don't just do what you want. They know they won't and prepare for it. The worst expect people to do what they want, the leader hoards and covets information to keep control, and the greatest strength people can bring to the table, which is their personality, is lost.

Look at your teams [whether family or business] and see how you can begin bringing order while removing control. The results will astound you.

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