Friday, March 28, 2008


“We have met the enemy and he is us” –Walt Kelly

Last week I sat in a meeting where the group I work with was presented an amazing opportunity that would benefit hundreds of people at no cost to us. Instead of discussing how quickly we could implement this opportunity, the group spent the majority of time discussing why we couldn’t spare the two hours needed to be trained. Ultimately the opportunity was put off until after summer, despite the fact that there were solutions provided to every perceived obstacle.

As people we spend so much of our time living in fear and convincing ourselves why we can’t do something, when all we have to do is look beyond fear and actually take the step necessary to enhance what we are doing.

At some point in our personal advancement we will come face to face with what we fear most and if we succumb to that fear than we have proven ourselves our own worst enemy. Not because we squandered opportunity, but because we let outside influences dictate what we know is best for us and those we associate with.

Enemies only have as much power us as we let them, but when that enemy is internal, we are automatically defeated because the face of the enemy is one we can’t avoid. Defeating this enemy means that we have to do what naturally is our most uncomfortable action; looking inward and telling yourself you are flawed.

Our personal crutch towards denying our flaws lies in the excuses we make so that we can deflect those flaws internally and appear together externally. As humans this is something we regularly practice. We distort our perceived reality so that others can see what we wish we could show ourselves. In doing so, we create a reality that we are unable to truly live which ultimately becomes transparent to the point where people begin to see right through us. Because of this our enemy is no longer just us, but all of the people we have given the opportunity to distrust us.

What we need to realize is that we are our worst enemy, but that enemy does not have to prevent us from advancing. We can advance and be afraid while taking steps forward towards a new future. It is fear that will let us know that we are moving in the right direction because in order to go where you have not been before means that you have to take a step into the unknown.

It is only when we let the unknown negatively dictate our decision making process that we are faced with an enemy that will do us harm. If we embrace our inner enemy and acknowledge the fears that it provides us with, then we can move beyond our fear and create a more vibrant reality for ourselves. This is a reality with fear, but without excuses.

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