Monday, March 24, 2008

How Sweet It Is!

On Sunday, in Raleigh, NC, 23rd ranked Davidson pulled out an incredible upset over 8th ranked Georgetown 74-70 in the Midwest Regional division to advance to the "Sweet 16" of college basketball's NCAA tournament.

Not only is this story special because Davidson hadn't won an NCAA tournament game since 1969 and now they had won their second straight, but it was because everyone wrote them off after the first half, myself included. "Ah that game is over, the Hoyas are just too big, too strong, too talented and have a 17 point lead going into the second half."

Well, the beauty of sports is that anything can happen and stars find a way to win. Davidson's star guard, Stephen Curry, who carried them to their first round win on a record breaking 40 point performance, only had 2 points and had been sidelined for most of the first half because of foul trouble. When he entered the game in the second half, something clicked, he believed that his team was going to win. He helped stage a remarkable Davidson comeback, scoring 25 of his 30 points along with 20 Hoya turnovers in a complete defensive collapse in the second half, pulling out the amazing upset over Georgetown.

At the end of the game, while everyone sat their stunned about what had just happened, Davidson players proceeded to "bump chests" at mid court celebrating their spectacular victory.

How everyone gave up on them is a major problem with our society. Too many of us do not have the patience or vision to look ahead and see people crossing the finish line or overcoming their adversity. Instead we decide to make judgements and assumptions based on our own perceptions of their abilities. The saying "it's never over until it's over" is great because it teaches us that anyone, or any team who never gives up and truly believes in themselves, can over come adversity to win anything, even when the odds are not in their favor.

A great lesson for all of us:
  • Believe and trust in yourself
  • Believe and trust in your teammates
  • Believe and trust in your abilities

It is never over until the final whistle.

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