Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A List

  1. We'll start tomorrow.
  2. Can we just concentrate on what we are doing.
  3. Ownership won't agree to start.
  4. We'll have to go through the executive committee.
  5. My plate is already full.
  6. We'll put it on the agenda for next meeting.
  7. Accounting needs to sign off.
  8. I just don't have the education to take that on.
  9. We are under manned.
  10. I just can't work with those people.
  11. I'm too busy.
  12. We're struggling with what we have already.
  13. We'll have to increase our technology.
  14. Who will take the leadership role.
  15. I just don't have the money.
  16. We will never be ale to bring that to market fast enough.
  17. The economy is in the tank.
  18. People just don't want that kind of product any more.
  19. People won't accept this, it's too new.
  20. Your ahead of your time by 2 years.
  21. Good idea, come back to me when you work through the details.
  22. It is a great idea, but...
  23. But...
  24. I'd love to but you are so much better than I am at...
  25. My family would never let me take that much time to...
  26. What if we fail?
  27. I need more details before I can agree.

A list of excuses. What about concentrating on what we CAN do and not the details on why we can't do something.

Just a thought...or 27.

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