Friday, March 14, 2008

Natural Hierarchy

“Living in accordance with natural hierarchy is not a matter of following a series of rigid rules or structuring your days with lifeless commandments or codes of conduct. The world has order and power and riches that can teach you how to conduct your life artfully, with kindness to others and care for yourself”. –The Sacred Path of the Warrior

There is order to every action of every day. The sun rises and the sun sets, winter becomes spring and spring becomes summer, we will feel great joy and we will feel immense sorrow. While this order is constant, we also must understand that the position we are in right at this moment is only temporary.

Often when we are riding a high we create a set of rigid rules that become superstition in order to continue riding the high. We began to base our success on a self created hierarchy where we firmly believe that A+B=C, and are afraid to deviate from that sequence because our success is a product of our structure. In becoming too structured we lose the creativity and imagination that helped create success in the first place.

Our success will only last for so long before we fail, and when we are stuck in our superstitions and self imposed structured cell, we prolong our failures because we do not have the internal identity to escape from our creation. Instead of fighting, we create the mentality of a victim and place the blame of our sorrow on what surrounds us, failing to understand that we created our surroundings.

In accordance with natural hierarchy we need to understand that within success and failure there is a message for us to grow from because both are created from the same place; emotion. If we are ever to get to a place where we can understand and embrace our success just as much as our failure, we first must be able to become aware of ourselves and where we fit into the natural hierarchy of our existence. This awareness does not lie within structure, but lies within authenticity. The more authentic we are the more aware we will be of our failures and learn to create success from them. We will also become more aware of our successes and what led to them so that we can overcome failure when it confronts us.

Ultimately what comes from our understanding of natural hierarchy is our ability to conduct our lives in a way that will help produce our best self. We will be able to admit to and hold ourselves accountable for our shortcomings just as easily as we will be able to accept acknowledgment and praise for our abilities.

Life is not a set of structured steps, there is no owner’s manual, so to conduct ourselves that way is counterproductive to truly living. There is order to our lives, but that order is not self imposed, that order comes from our ability to sway with the natural hierarchy presented to us every day and within our willingness to act artfully in success and failure.

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