Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Some Rules Don't Have Exceptions

We've all heard that rules were made to be broken, just like we've heard that there's an exception to every rule... fortunately- this is not always the case. Some of the most important rules that we govern our daily lives (and thus our universe) by are constant and apply to you no matter how much you fight it. When you read on though, you will see that this is very much a good thing...

1. The Law of Attraction
"Where your mental focus goes, energy flows". In other words- what occupies your thoughts most often (and the emotional environment surrounding that person, state or thing) becomes your reality. Worries over debt lead to debt as you miss the solutions (opportunities) that present themselves. Wondering if your spouse is cheating is going to lead you to over-analyzing every one of their actions until you inevitably lead them to dump you (in your mind for someone else) or to actually cheat. Or you can always see the bright side, and be rewarded with a silver lining no matter how awful a situation may seem... perhaps even a life so positive others will sit back and ask how you did it. The great part is you can answer "I willed it to be" and be right.

2. The Law of Association
Let enough time pass, and like will attract like. Trash will rummage with trash, and good people will let go of the baggage to find other good people. In any lasting relationship- people either deserve each other (in the best or worst way), or they will be dragged to the lowest common denominator if they stay long enough. In an abusive relationship- the great girl everybody loves falls for a controlling abusive a##hole... now while many factors such as fear for her life (or their children's lives) may come into play; the longer this girl has a choice to leave and stays the lower her confidence, charisma, and overall attractiveness slips until she is so worn down she becomes a ghost, and passers by stop asking "what's she doing with him?"
OR... you can aspire to reach the level of a partner who inspires you- and as you both do this for one another; you are both lifted to higher levels through association than you ever would have been independantly.

3. The Law of Legacy
We all leave a mark on this planet and those people we touch while we are here and hopefully well beyond. The hard part of living by this law is that in order to have people say what you'd like about you after you're gone- you must take every opportunity while you're alive to make the world a better place for you, yours, and people you just met.
People will either be;
singing your praises (if you helped people without want of return and loved unconditionally)
chastising you or paying left-handed compliments (if your good deeds always carried an agenda), or
they will forget you or use you as an example of "how not to" if you are selfish, impatient, and self-centered in your daily interactions and decisions.

None of these laws are rocket science, and none of them carry exceptions. To those of you who say "oh, yeah- what about so and so- they are the worst person and they get all the breaks???" well you are breaking a fourth law that has no exception...

4. You can only change the world by changing you.
If you focus on what you don't have, or why so and so is luckier than you, or that the rules don't apply to them- you are focusing on negative energy, and the Law of Attraction will reward them with more and you with less (at least in your perception). You will also spend more time complaining, which means good people who have no time for that negativity will up and leave your side, leaving you with other like-minded negative people as per the Law of Association. Finally, the Law of Legacy will have you remembered as a victim of circumstance rather than a champion of will.

So always remember the pitfalls of these 4 laws, and that by letting others control their own fate as you do your best- you may just create an example that others want to emulate, and in the process create an amazing life for yourself as dictated by 4 laws that have NO EXCEPTIONS.

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