Friday, April 04, 2008


Out of difficulties grow miracles. - Jean De La Bruyere

In our quest for finding purpose in our lives we are met with many challenges, some which are brought on to us, but many which we initiate ourselves. As we work towards our goals we tend to hit sections in life where we become satisfied with where we are and let complacency sit in.

Reaching a state of complacency is not all together such a bad thing, it means we have reached a point where we are comfortable with who we are and where we are in life. The human species is driven by ego, and with comfort we are able to feed our egos to the point of creating the sense of ultimate satisfaction. This satisfaction is our way of externally showing others how great our lives are and internally reminding ourselves that all the time and effort we have made has finally paid off.

When we allow complacency to set in too deep, we begin to think that we are untouchable and we lose the ability to see the potential difficulties that reality has in store for us. Our egos reach a point where it is more important for others to see what we have accomplished than it is for us to understand the selfless acts it took us to become even slightly complacent. Eventually we reach a point where we go from complete perceived satisfaction to complete real chaos in no time flat. The comfort we built, the advantages we took for granted, and the pedestal we put ourselves on crash down on our inflated egos and we are forced to start building all over again.

Through this we are able to recreate ourselves into something more powerful than we ever were before. In order to do so we must always remember that 1) we are not as good as we think we are, 2) inflated complacency will always be overmatched by reality, and 3) internal strength will always supersede external perception.

Our ability to create miracles lies within our ability to feed our ego but remain humble, to create complacency and still be aware of hidden dangers, and to make ourselves happy before we show the world how happy we are. When we are able to accomplish this, we allow ourselves to take hits from reality and still have the strength to not just carry on with our lives, but to create purpose with our lives.

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