Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dim the lights to see clearly.

To be completely honest, the only anti [insert title here] I am is anti-victim / lazy & apathetic. Other than that, I think 99% of everything has a place in this world in some way shape or form. It’s a qualifier in the sense that if we look hard and long enough we’ll see a little good in almost anything and everything we stand for if we objectively dissect it down the middle. Eg: the internet is not so great when people are learning to build bombs or preying on children but it’s a great source of non censored information and historical fact. We can find the right things, the good things, the important things if we want.

That is.... if we’re looking.

If we don’t look, by in large we subscribe to what’s put in front of us. Problem is we take that information as gospel. There’s a lot of clout in the media and I suspect there’s a lot of lobbying, money & power behind messages that are delivered to us. It probably didn’t take governments very long to stumble upon the two more powerful sources of motivation; greed and fear. I say this, because it’s what we are fed pretty much 24 / 7. In fact, so much so – it ultimately becomes what we are looking for. eg: “did YOU see...?”

“America is the best entertained and least informed society in the world”

A quote I heard last week that didn’t take long to make sense, which is not what we want, or need, or should be proud of. There are plenty of people & resources out there who are educating, empowering and bettering us all who’ve been picked up by mainstream eg. Oprah / 60 minutes etc. So it’s safe to say the appetite for information (useful information) exists. Lets focus on providing more education and less mindless, pointless, tasteless bullshit aka entertainment.

Actors , we heard you were threatening to strike soon too. Good. Give us 9 months to provide needed education and then come back with your 10 mile wide / 1 inch deep platform for us to stand on. No wonder we’re falling down.

You want to see what’s really happening in the world – dim the lights... and listen. It's not always what you see.

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