Thursday, April 03, 2008

En Masse or On Top?

Each day and each week the story or lesson on swimupstream will change... and each week we invariably come back to the same conclusion - avoid the mentality of the herd and do what you decide is best for you using the right tools and information at your disposal.

Today will be no different- in fact, today is not even so much a lesson as it is a snapshot of how scary our world has become when we as a society forget our rights as consumers and free people and buy into the corporate giant and what 'they' tell us to do.

Let's try a little association...
1. By 2005 statistics, nearly half of every food dollar in the USA was spent away from home. The majority of this- fast food restaurants.
2. Other huge sectors of the economy??? The weight loss industry (pills, diet books, Jenny Craig, etc), the pharmaceutical industry (drugs to cure us of our terrible diets), and the cosmetic and fashion industries.

Do we see the connection here? Anyone else feel like a pawn while one hand of the corporate machine feeds the other? It is downright embarrassing that as the most intelligent beings on the planet, we allow marketing gurus to dictate our behaviour like sheep by;

A) Making things easier, faster, and more convenient to appeal to our sense of laziness or on the other side of the spectrum our drive to jam more into already over-packed lives
B) Appealing to our need for approval by marketing things as cool, sexy, needed, or "don't be the only one to not have one of these..."
C) Appealing to our over-the-counter approach to our health. We want treatment (after something is already wrong). Smart people (like many of our friends in Asia) want prevention (so that nothing goes wrong in the first place).

Have you had enough of being had? Take a step back and see what being in the "in crowd" is really all about... lining us up like sheep to make a profit. Then inventing new ways to do this over and over and over...

You are an intelligent, independant person capable of choice. Take the time to evaluate your health, emotional wealth, and the direction you are headed in life (as well as who is driving you there) and decide whether you want to be part of the crowd because it makes you easier to sell to...

...or whether you want to be an individual on your own terms- something we were all trying to do in the first place only now we don't have to drive the same car on the way to the same mall to buy the same shirt in the name of being "unique".

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