Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Have you improved from where you were a month or two ago?

A lot?

How did you get better? What did you read? What courses did you take? Did you fail at something and learn from it? Did you spend too much time on the stuff that keeps the day going but gets YOU nowhere? You know, the meetings, the blackberry, the emails...does that make you better or just pass the time?

If you improved at a faster rate, would that be a good thing? What would you do to make that happen?

Serious questions but the truth is that the world now rewards calculated risk, continued improvement and those that aren't afraid to fail. It didn't used to. It used to reward stability. Corn Flakes are Corn Flakes and always will be. We just don't care anymore.

What are you willing to do to improve and how fast are you wiling to do it?

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