Monday, April 21, 2008

It's not all about winning...

This past weekend was the 24th annual Vancouver Sun Run (a beautiful 10km run through the streets of downtown Vancouver). A record 59,179 people registered for this year's run and took on the challenge of braving the cold, the massive crowds, not to mention the race itself. It was the biggest turnout the city of Vancouver has ever experienced for an organized race.

This year saw 158 customers and coaches from Innovative Fitness train for and participate in this race. It was by far the largest showing by IF in our 12 year history. The past 5 years straight we have prided ourselves on winning the Temporarily Yours, Corporate Team Challenge in the health and fitness division for having the top 10 individual times but this year was uniquely different.

Now, when I woke up this morning and read the Vancouver Sun and it stated we finished 2nd, I can't lie, I was taken back. "What happened?" I thought. Then I sat there and reflected on all the IF coaches I saw during the race wearing our team gear proudly, running with and leading our customers to the finishline (most who were running the event for the first time).

That is what it is all about and that is why we do what we do; to help others accomplish extraordinary things. That is why we pride ourselves on being the best at what we do and why we see, year after year, our corporate team number grow to such heights. It is not about having all our coaches run the race for themselves so that we can win the challenge, it is so we can inspire and lead our customers to enhance the quality of their lives through such amazing destinations.

Congratulations Team IF!

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