Thursday, April 10, 2008

People are catching on...

This past weekend, a select group of swimupstreamers, led by Swim Upstream member Curtis Christopherson- took to one of the 7 wonders of the world and hiked the Grand Canyon down (right to the Colorado River) and up in just one day. The great take away from this event was not just that ordinary people completed an extra-ordinary accomplishment (signs advise against attempting the entire canyon in 1 day), and not just that some of us were able to call hiking one of the 7 wonders while helping others a "work day"...

No the great take away is what happens when someone with VISION does not give up.

This was not the first time some members of this group tackled this extra-ordinary hike.
In 2005 a combined 4 people took in the adventure
In 2006 those 4 transformed into 13
By 2007 4 had morphed into 34 brave souls!

Well April 5th 2008, over 70 people hiked the grand canyon up and down without 1 serious incident or injury. Of course there were various challenges faced, but by all accounts during the de-brief, they would do it again and it was one of their top experiences in their lives!

Do you have an idea that you believe in with your heart and soul, yet have trouble finding others who share your vision? You're not alone. If everyone felt the same way, the Grand Canyon trail would be a theme park with a Starbucks at the bottom. Because that is not the case, it is worth doing; and it required VISIONARIES to bring this idea from 4 people to over 70 (who knows how many people will be there next year?)

What people forget is that it took a LOT of work to get the first 4, and then a LOT more to get to 13. By 70 participants, the VISION it took to get the ball rolling in the first place, plus the consistency of spreading the same message (how great it was, the scenery plus the reward from the challenge, etc) led the participants themselves to become the spokespeople.

Taking a group of 70 to the grand canyon for a 7 to 9 hour hike in temperatures ranging from 5 to 30C is a major accomplishment... more importantly, it provides a great tangible example of how through VISION, consistent hard work, and aligning with like-minded people...

NO idea is too far-fetched, and there must be some way you can bring YOUR dream to reality. But you gotta work for it!

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