Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Power of Three

Three is a crowd.
Three leaves on odd one out.
Three is unbalanced.

Three is CHAOS……

Chaos in its most stereotypical form is a negative term. Uncontrollable, unfathomable, and unpredictable are thoughts that spring to mind when the word chaos is uttered. It is perhaps for these reasons that chaos is so attractive. The unfathomable attracts like no other.
People will sit mesmerized for hours by the rhythmic movements and unpredictable flow of clouds in the sky or waves as they ritually crash into shore. Why?

These precious units of nature are the true meaning of chaos. They are systems so big that they are incapable of being mapped by our tiny little brains. Chaos is defined loosely as incredibly large systems that affect the universe. Parts of chaotic systems are tangible but they fascinate our curious minds because the entire system is never quite capable of being figured out.

Our brains are so small and slow that we struggle with just three tiny items thrown into one mix.

Try concentrating on the lyrics of a song, the guitar riff, and the drum beat, all individually……
You cannot do it. It is impossible. Our brains are only capable of deciphering two out of the three at one time. (Psychology backs me up so don’t think I’m crazy just research it yourself.) Take this concept one step further and look at any popular movie, radio song, excellent meal, or best selling novel and you will invariably see a chaotic system revolving around three or more (if they are really good) concepts. Your favourite sushi establishment has mastered this chaotic system with their chef’s special – rice, salmon, avocado, and raspberries, all rolled into one unit – unfathomable but darn tasty! Raspberries with salmon – only the genius of an artist could make it work, yet they cannot explain how they made it work.

People are attracted to chaotic scenes because they are bored with easily predicted events, easily considered outcomes, and boring brainless moments.

The power and curiosity of three events in one will make people need to try. Chaos is too extreme for anyone to ignore.

Chaos, in actual fact, is positive and life affirming. Real chaos is what keeps our brains ticking. When properly tapped into chaotic systems can and do create the greatest inventions, ideas and outcomes of our civilization.

Have you spent enough time looking at the clouds or gandering at the waves or are you too busy dealing with "TWO" many things. Invest your mind in the power of three.

Unfathomable yet pure bliss….three is a very powerful number indeed.

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