Wednesday, April 30, 2008

promise less - DELIVER more!

We have all either been or known that individual who continually over promises and under delivers. Although this person (and it might be ourselves) might be good hearted and friendly, after a while this characteristic can get VERY tiresome.

So that begs me to ask the question, so why do we make so many promises?

Some of us feel that if we don't or can't promise, we won't have the motivation or structure to deliver consistently. This turns promises into deadlines so that keeping our word becomes necessary. Of course, we should keep our word, but most of us give it too readily. Therefore, the result is the failure at keeping our initial promise.

If this is the case, don't promise...just DELIVER

Rather than telling people what you can do for them, rather than getting people interested enough to say yes, just be spontaneous and do something for them, without even offering to do it first. Most people enjoy surprises and there's no delay or performance anxiety because there was no promise, just delivery. can never OVER deliver!

MORE means we can create a bigger solution / product instead of just delivering what a person is asking for, looking for, or expecting. When we under-promise and over-deliver, the gap between these two is pure profit - not financially, but in good reputation and self-esteem. People think more of us when we deliver far more than they were expecting (as opposed to continually coming up short). And that gap starts people talking. If we deliver even the same amount, but had promised or over-promised it at the outset, the recipients would equally benefit, but they wouldn't be as impressed and will not have a lasting positive impression.

Credibility is key in business & in relationships. And this characteristic of following through is a key distinction for progress in a relationship or friendship and anyone in business who wants to build a strong reputation quickly.

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