Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Stop the Whining.

Whiners - People that enjoy to complain about every aspect of their lives & find themselves in a state of dissatisfaction all of the time...and in North America, we have A LOT of them. In fact, we have probably become the whiniest people on earth.

You hear it everywhere.

“My boss is a jerk. The soup is too cold. How can traffic be so slow? This movie sucks.”

It is around all of us. And even worse, we accept it, both in ourselves and in others. Nowhere else in the world do people complain so continually about such a huge variety of things. Why? Because nowhere else in the world do people have it so good.

If you had to stand on line for two hours every morning to get drinking water, do you think you’d really be complaining that the lettuce in your salad is slightly wilted? I think not. If the floors in your house were made of mud, would you complain that the air conditioning was too cold? Ummm, no!

It’s not that we’ve got too much. You can never have too much. It’s that we’ve simply gotten in the HABIT of complaint. It’s not only socially acceptable, it’s a form of communication. The Jerry Seinfeld show was built on the concept of complaint and despair about silly meaningless problems. It held the perfect mirror up to us, of ourselves. Jerry’s girlfriend wears the same dress two nights in a row. George’s girlfriend is too loving. Kramer is not satisfied with the food that he mooches from his friends.

Don't get me wrong, it is a different story if you are providing feedback & advice on a situation or requesting something - but present yourself in more of a mature manner instead of a whining 2 year old. And to top it off, when you actually receive what you are looking for & whining about - ACCEPT it. The worst is when you watch someone complain & whine about something, and then they turn around and don't take what they are finally given.

Straight up - Incessant whining belittles YOUR life - so quit whining - change it, leave it or accept it...but shut the hell up!

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