Wednesday, April 02, 2008

swallow your FEAR : take a RISK

Whether you're piloting a single-engine plane, careening through rapids, making changes in your marriage, taking the next step in business, or dangling from a cliff, successfully navigating risky situations teaches you about yourself, increases your self-confidence, and helps you better manage life's inevitable uncertainties. 

Taking RISKS is good for you. 

Risk taking is similar to weight lifting - when you shock your muscles, you make them grow stronger; confronting your fears makes you realize you can live with stress.

Let's look at the most successful people. Not only are they committed to their own success, have a passion for what they are working towards, have clear & specific goals BUT they are uniformly more comfortable taking risks than the rest of the pack. This specific ability to take intelligent risks is the differentiating ingredient in their success and a huge determinant in anyone's level of achievement. 

All in all, taking risks is a reminder that nothing in life is certain. NOTHING. People often create these little illusions of safety, but when the veil is pulled back you realize how uncertain the world really is. So, instead of living in fear that one day the curtain will be pulled aside...

take the RISK and learn the skills you need to combat uncertainty. 

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