Thursday, May 08, 2008

10 P's to Pick yourself up in the face of adversity

Today- simple, to the point, (hopefully) useful, and (relatively) limited commentary. Just the meat and potatoes on...

How To Deal With Adversity

1. Purpose. If you are fighting the battle of one vs many, and have no good reason why- it's just a bad idea. The purpose should define the fight and may even define your life (ie making sacrifices and taking on more suffering to be a great role model and parent and protect your kids from harm)
2. Perspective. As you will read below (in Plan), often we don't know where or when adversity will strike. We also often have trouble in real time understanding the potential benefit from situations that cause us so much pain. The trick is to never victimize, asking "why me?" You must be able to take the...
3. Positive. There has to be some good inherent to the struggle. If you are fighting the good fight and doing so for the right reasons (see below), there HAS TO be some good to come of it. If not, bad idea and you are chasing the wrong purpose or following the wrong...
4. Principles. Positivity and perspective can take you to your purpose, but that purpose may be shaky, or the choices you make along the way may divert you from the path unless you have a set of fundamentals upon which to base your decisions. Whether these are religious, legal, family value, or personally based, you need to come back to laws that help you make decisions that you believe to be universal.
5. Plan. If you fail to plan you plan to fail. All the purpose and fight and relentlessness in the world may not take you where you want to go if you don't reverse-engineer your journey. What does your purpose look like? What does it involve? What do you have to do to get from where you are right now to where you feel you need to be? Your answer is a series of steps and processes that each need a date, strategy, and accountability built in to ensure you are always making...
6. Progress. Review where you are in relation to where you need on a regular (ie monthly or quarterly) basis to make sure you are taking those steps you planned.
7. Push! When you have a plan, a positive attitude, perspective, purpose, and all the rest- remember- we are taking about dealing with adversity and not licking a postage stamp. Sometimes you just have to suck it up in the short term for long term gain.
8. Percentage: When you want to better your lot in life, the surest measure of where you'll end up is in consistency of effort rather than the amount of a single push. Hit a high percentage of what you planned on doing as a habit and you'll push through crummy situations a lot faster than if you try really hard once then quit.
9. Prepare. When you make it through one tough situation, don't breathe too deep a sigh of relief- another adverse situation is on the way- that's life. Even more importantly, when you know a busy time of year or a really tough time lies ahead, the planning and mental fortitude you can bring to the table AHEAD OF TIME saves a lot of grunt work and exhaustion after the fact.
10. Pass it on. Think these principles were invented by the swim upstream team? That's the whole premise of the book/ DVD "The Secret"- it's not supposed to be a secret. Pass on your lessons and offer up any advice for others who are going through a situation you've faced. Pass it on, but don't preach.

Perhaps the Public has Plenty more Power P's to get us through Painful situations, but in the meantime, there's 10 tips to help you remove YOU from the obstacles you'll face in your life.

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