Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cheerleaders need choreographers.

In sport, in business, in your personal relationships – it’s difficult to maximize your potential for success by surrounding yourself with people just like you.

Often in business, we see the “cheerleaders” separate themselves from the “administrators”, the “visionaries” from the “worker bees” and everyone has a commentary on why they would never want to be like him / her or them. What they are missing is the fact each one of these types are integral and necessary to field the optimal team.

1. Visionaries – those who see what’s not visible. their role is to anticipate & prepare for things that have not even come to fruition yet.

2. Administrators – are those who have the dubious task of quantifying what’s often a very qualified set of criterion (from the visionary) through systems, procedures and practices that make financial sense. they organize.

3. Implementers – are those who have the specific roles of carrying out the vision & the administration in a manner which meets the desired outcome for all parties. they execute.

Interesting point of the aforementioned is that no one position is more or less important than they other. In fact, they are very dependent & intertwined.

Within the context of these primary roles we have the specific traits and there are many classifications eg. the driver, the analyzer, the planner, the cheerleader, the critic who lead through what’s been defined as being open or controlled, assertive or passive, green, blue, orange, yellow approaches. Fact is, social science as the classifications down to an art in the vein of trying to show people who they are, so they stop trying to be who they aren’t.

The important take away is this.

1. you don’t win baseball games by fielding teams with pitchers playing every position.

2. you don’t maximize your potential for business success by surrounding yourself with a group of cheerleaders who have great intentions – but no vision or administration. and

3. you don’t challenge, learn or get he most from your life by surrounding yourself with ‘yes’ people who think and act exactly like you.

Although it’s comforting, easy and at times very rewarding, it is not progressive and there are infinitely more examples of failure through this model than success.

Understand the required roles. understand your role. support all roles while giving 100%. that’s how teams win championships & businesses achieve success.

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