Thursday, May 29, 2008


Policopeganda: american:verb po-lic-y/pro-paganda; manipulation information in accordance with which world leader is speaking. adjective; when world leaders don't have control over the media that delivers information use "propaganda". When world leaders have control over the media that delivers information use "policy".

Sometimes, even the most loyal of supporters - tend to call a spade a spade but either way, we have a question pertaining to the war on Iraq. (after all if Enron taught us anything it was to ASK WHY)

Why are we still there?

1st you told us it was because they had weapons of mass destruction.
We didn't find any aka: not there

2nd you told us it was because Saddam was a ruthless dictator.
We captured and killed him aka: no longer dictating

3rd you told us it was because Ossama was leading militant groups Al Queda
"He fled to Afghanistan" aka: not there

4th you drew the deck of cards / axis of evil analogy (very with the Hold Em - Austin powers times - nice spinning)
"We've captured and killed them too".

5th you mentioned something about "helping the country re-establish themselves".
They are broke and they try to shoot & or bomb us daily.

6th The guys YOU hired to tell these stories - quit and say we were misleading the public.

So are you going to tell us or are we left to draw our own conclusion as to why the single biggest fuck up of the 20th century took place and cost us over 4200 young boys lives, trillions of dollars and makes even the yes-men coalitions cringe?

Because... this isn't era where things stay quiet for as long as they did when we killed Kennedy.

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