Monday, May 05, 2008

The "to be" list

As leaders in our industry, we have all heard about the importance and have experienced the benefits of a "to do" list. These lists are great for enabling us to focus on taking action and the getting our desired results day in and day out. However, the problem is that great leadership is more than just getting results. Great leadership requires us to act and lead others first by showing them who we really are to develop a trust-based relationship. The more people we intend to lead, the more time we need to develop a foundation of integrity along with sharing our character to inspire and motivate others to trust us which in turn will help them have the confidence to motivate others.

Yes, it is important to have a weekly "to do" list but have you ever thought of putting together a weekly "to be" list as well? Just like the action in producing results, the "to be" list allows us to focus and reflect on how we intend (ed) to be each week. Here are a few examples that can be used for each day / week / month: "I am going to encourage others to be better than I am", "I am going to be accountable to holding others accountable" or "I am going to tell it like it is and give the straight goods".

The idea behind combining the 2 lists is to allow us to focus on connecting our identity (to be) with our career (to do) in hopes that we can achieve results in our career while continuing to develop our own identity. This way we can continue to inspire others, while still growing ourselves.

What will your "to be" list be for this week?

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