Thursday, May 15, 2008

What it takes to be remembered

I would wager a very hefty sum that if you asked any kid how they'd like to be remembered, very few would answer "I wouldn't." Sometimes as adults we think kids say ridiculous things about their futures or the state of the world and what is possible.

But then again, some adults say some pretty ridiculous things too...
"I'd like to fly under the radar and not be noticed"
"I'm happy being comfortable and secure with less rather than taking risks"
"I'll just keep quiet- I don't want to offend anyone or stir the pot with my ideas"

...and then there are those less specific comments- the attitudes that...
a) life is hard and then you die
b) the go to school/get a job/get married/white picket fence approach works, even though you followed it and are miserable (ie you tried it & hated it but you pass this model onto others)
c) that dream/goal set/plan/execute/achieve/repeat is a pipe dream that only works for others

Let's remember something folks... no one remembers the armchair quarterback. Steve Young threw 5 interceptions in his first game as a starter at BYU University, then lived under the shadow of Joe Montana (arguably the best quarterback of all time). Somehow, through his leadership, making mistakes,learning from them, and moving on- he found a way to win his own Superbowls and is now in the Hall of Fame.

And finally- how many critics does Martin Luther King Junior have today? Today people say his death was tragic and that he was a visionary or even a saint. The fact is that his ideas were controversial enough that he was killed by a person of color; a person who he was trying to help but who feared reprimand in their daily lives because of the controversy of King's ideas at the time.

So many people look at Martin Luther King Junior and admire his courage and wish they could emulate it... but they forget that what may now be considered popularity or even legend status... was at one time different, awkward, and against the grain.

We all have our own ideas that can help a certain situation or even the world- so it is not a question of your ideas or your abilities. The question is...

Do YOU have the backbone to be remembered?

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