Wednesday, May 07, 2008

what's your part?

if we took a peek around our planet we’d find that amongst the good things… some not so good things. things like a food production crisis(s), water shortage(s), fuel shortage(s), raw material shortage(s) sprinkled amongst war(s), genocide(s), oppression(s), and natural disaster(s). like an unstoppable virus, the earth’s most intelligent species seems very well educated on what’s happening and why it’s happening but falls mysteriously (yet consistently short) on doing something to reverse the tides.

“but what can I do” we ask… thinking this is a call to quit our jobs and take up politics & protesting. it’s not and here are examples of some of the things we’ve done that you can do too.

1. recycle. there’s no reason to throw paper, cans or bottles in the garbage. our friend brought this to our attention awhile back and since then our garbage has been less volume than our recycling. feels good – but more importantly it makes sense.

2. turn off things when we don’t need them. over time, we’ve done a better at making sure lights are off in rooms we aren’t in as well as times of the day where we can use natural light. over 90 days, our electricity and heating bills have gone down approx $100. we have many things we can do with that $100 – but more importantly it makes sense.

3. 4 shopping bags instead of 24. finally, we got used to the habit of bringing our grocery bags to the store instead of getting plastic product that doesn’t decompose and decorates our landfill with that 3rd world look. it’s not super “convenient” – but more importantly it makes sense.

4. walk and bike the odd time we would have driven. our kids love it. it makes getting a treat well earned for everyone. it may not be as fast – but more importantly it makes sense.

5. share your thoughts. awhile back we decided we would share our opinions and solutions with others. we were now doing something with our perspectives instead of internalizing them or keeping our strategies to us. we’re not going to change the world in one day – but more importantly some of the suggestions make sense.

6. create a community. it doesn’t have to start with 100 people. doesn’t have to be 50 or 20. it doesn’t even need to be 5 but you can begin creating a community with one person. we did. 1996 Innovative Fitness British Columbia with 1 person and a vision; global health & fitness community. you don’t have to create the corporate behemoth – just something positive that makes sense.

7. give back to your community. different from creating yours. find a way to DO in your own back yard whether it’s a donation to those less fortunate, coaching a team or cleaning up your park.. the long term effects of taking care of things we all need, use and depend on make taking action make a lot of sense.

now these are but 7 ideas we’ve come up with and there are probably hundreds more. at the end of the day, these ideas [alone] will not bring about the radical change we desperately need to alter the course of our very tough future but they are an example, a start and they make sense.

so tell us barb, meyrick, cheryl, kari, glen, kim, jan, tracey and all you other brilliant like minded thinkers – what’s your part? leave a comment on what you do that makes sense and we’ll share your ideas (because twice the beauty is seen…. when shared!)

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