Wednesday, May 21, 2008

When OPPORTUNITY Knocks...

you got to take advantage of it!

Here is a story.

Yesterday, I receive a phone call from a customer that was urgently looking for someone to go into their organization and do a presentation on living a healthy lifestyle and how to make the changes to do so. The corporation was in urgent need to find a presenter because someone from another organization (in the health and fitness industry) had bailed on them last minute.

Looking at the situation one could contemplate to take it on based on the fact that we had two hours to find someone (that could whip a presentation together, supply hand outs, and do a professional job at presenting the material) and have limited time to get to and from the offices in time for other appointments. However, one could also see the opportunity that lies in this situation and FIND a way to make it happen and take advantage of it.

AND that we did.

One of our teammates already knew he had a couple appointments cancel on him and therefore had 2 free hours (during a time that worked for this organization) and so he agreed to take advantage of this GREAT opportunity. He went on to delegate teammates to collect some previous printed and written materials on a similar topic & presentation, reviewed it quickly before he left, and showed up to the organization ready to rock - and he did just that!

Everyone won. Our company was introduced, well represented, and instantly gained additional credibility for coming up big last moment and at the end of the day the organization that was in need got what they were more.

When opportunity knocks (which happens more than people sometimes think...they just don't see the opportunity)...take advantage of it...that is the least you could do for all but most importantly for yourself!

And this is example is not to demonstrate that stepping in to help during crunch time is benefiting only the company. The benefits are a three-way street.

In this example, the person delivering the message learns and becomes a better public speaker, the company receiving the message is further educated and the company delivering the message is building it's credibility because of the education that is being provided and of course the last minute help.

So, whatever situation you are in & where ever you want to go, take advantage of the opportunities. If you don't see them, find them - they are there. Tackle an opportunity like it's your only one because when you maximize them, they will only get you further ahead. And at the end of the day, you just never know when the next time the sound of opportunity knocking will be at your door.

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