Monday, June 30, 2008

Always Under Promise and Over Deliver

I will give you a little background on why I feel the need to write about this concept and I will explain why it has been on my mind ever since I arrived at my destination this past weekend.

We traveled up to my girlfriend’s parent’s summer-getaway condo in the Okanagan last weekend. It is an amazing place which they purchased pre-build 2 years ago. The complex is a massive project with over 140 units. They have been fortunate to be one of the first to have their unit completed and have been able to move in and get settled.

Now, here is what gets me and what I don’t understand about people. One of the owners of the entire complex, who we have just found out (after they purchased) has a terrible reputation in Kelowna for being cheap with deals, give unrealistic promises and is bull headed in day to day interaction with customers is at it again with his this new project.

He has told all the investors and condo owners that the building would be 100% complete and that everyone would be able to move in before this summer started. As of today, only half the units are complete and there is absolutely no urgency to finish them in a timely manner. Almost all the units are paid for and he has his money and apparently has decided to take his time with completing the development. I say this because it is not to do with the demand for trade workers in Kelowna because the complex down the road, which is just as big and started at the same time and has different owners, is fully completed. I tell you, walking around the grounds and meeting all the other frustrated customers who were told the same thing and were treated with the “I don’t care attitude” and “how dare you demand anything from me” – were all singing the same tune. I am sorry but the customer always comes first and do not promise things that you know aren’t going to happen, or are just not going to put a concerted effort towards doing.

What also gets me is the fact that he had current owners bring in investors from out of town who had the money and were looking to buy; only to find out when they got there that the units had gone up $100K and the boat lifts another $50K from their asking price that day. This prompted over 4 sure-thing deals to turn around and walk right out with no sale. Who does this in business? Another example of him over promising something and under delivering by increasing the price because of greed and poor attitude.

This situation was an eye opener for me as I have never seen so many unhappy people because of the service from one person. How do these people stay in business? Why do they have to conduct deals this way? Something to think about when purchasing a unit is to do your research on the developer to ensure they have a great reputation for construction as well as continued, stand up service once you have put your money down.

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