Thursday, June 26, 2008

Commitment Over Compliance = Victory For All

Why do you do what you do? Is it because you have to or because you want to? As an employer, do you tell people what to do, or implore them to do what is mutually best for all parties concerned?

Today folks, we are disseminating commitment from compliance. In other words, understanding the company vision and getting behind it, or doing something because you were told. The end results of each line of task orientation are staggering.

A committed employee (or parishioner or family member for that matter) has keen interest in the betterment and health of the organization. They are the kind of person who doesn't report their overtime hours because they already feel compensated and rewarded in their work, and they don't need to "nickle and dime" their employer.

An employee who is merely complying, will use up every sick day, every holiday, and clock every hour of O.T. they have even spent going to the washroom. They will give the absolute minimum, because that's what they feel they're receiving in terms of recognition, pay, and job satisfaction.

The scary fact is- these are not 2 different kinds of people. They are different circumstances. We all need to realize that as employees, we will be much happier and feel more involved and more valuable to society acting out of commitment. We also need to realize that sometimes we are doing something just because our wife asked us to. The decision to commit or comply is charged to us every day.

If you go to church because it's important to your wife, it will feel like a bigger and bigger pain in the ass every Sunday, unless you commit (to her and to why it's important to her and to you). Otherwise, you will just stop going and be as committed to golfing instead as she is to bettering your souls. The same is true for your boss, parents, whatever example you'd like to insert here.

As an employee or partner in any relationship- you must find common purpose that you can feel is important and that you can commit to- otherwise you'll be half assing it until you'd rather be putting your whole ass into a more selfish endeavour. Put another way, life is less about compromising what you want than it is about agreeing what you can want together, and where you will never agree off the bat.

As an employer (or parent or coach), it is even more important to know the difference. If all you're after as a boss or mom is the right behaviour; all you're likely to get is compliance. If you are willing to be a leader and take the time to find mutual interest in a common goal, you'll be surprised how fast those around you 'get it' and act in a way that moves everyone involved forward.

If we don't understand this difference, than as the picture shows, we can paint the truck and give the driver a Pepsi shirt, but they're still going to drink Coke. Demand better by explaining and leading rather than demanding.

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