Wednesday, June 04, 2008


something that seems so simple yet is rarely seen.

being consistent could arguably be the single most important trait in leadership (both for leading others & yourself). think about the importance of this word when it comes down to leadership, messages, attitude, performance, etc.

consistent efforts = consistent results.

and when we talk about leadership consistency, it is not about having the board meeting at the same time every week like clock work and it is not about continually using the same marketing strategy for your business. it is about being consistent with your efforts, thoughts, and actions to get towards the end goal that you have set out to achieve.

everyone is looking for consistency. whether it's the customer with restaurant service or the employee with their manager's leadership style and expectations, people require leadership consistency for behavioral response, expectations, and judgement. for most people, the downfall lies in the consistency during the rough times, the slow times and during the crunch of deadlines and that is when consistent leaders are defined. the ability to stay the course, on track and maintaining a solid vision forward demonstrates leadership confidence and control.

so, when you are struggling to perform in a physical activity, lead an individual at a high level, or lose that last 10 pounds, ask yourself if you have been consistent with your efforts because chances are you still need to remove the two letters, I & N, that reside in front of the word consistent.

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