Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Leaders, please stop lying.

I just can’t let this one go.

The fuel crisis that’s sparked the food crisis.

Yesterday Saudi Arabia (who knows a thing or two about oil) went public with the statement this fuel crisis has zero merit. In fact, they were so adamant there is no need for this scare we all seem to be in they have summoned all of the world leaders to talk about it.

Now, this coupled with the fact we have numerous customers who seem to be finding oil, gold and money at a ridiculous rate – begs the question from myself when are people going to stop letting themselves be taken advantage of.

We reviewed this last week in the policopaganda blog outlining the ‘energy crisis’ and subsequent housing crisis and I just want to go on record (prior to the big blockbuster that this oil crisis was a product of a greedy government with massive ties to gass and oil running up the tab one last time before turning a fractured business / country over to a new government) as saying I’m not buying it.

when the price of gas is 120 in one part of Canada, 150 in another and 130 where everyone got money back from the government because they were making so much money off of gas and oil – I draw my own conclusion.

#1. again fear and greed have been used as tactics to sell us things. like sheep we flock to hybrids, stocking up and increased spending to make sure we are not affected.

click here to find out how much oil companies NET PROFIT for Q#1

#2. because so many of us float passively through our day and don’t question anything – let a lone do something about pretty obvious scams…. we’ll jump on the victim bandwagon when it drives by later and wonder how these “crisis:” keep happening (maybe sue someone)

#3. on the not paying attention theme, we are not making the time to care to see who is leading us. we are so busy with ‘us’ that it’s too much of a hassle checking out the babysitter to see if they are a sexual offender (analogy).

#4. corporate America needs their asses handed to them. everyone who’s proven to have part in irresponsible representation of facts, needs to be held accountable – MEDIA - headline here, you are 1st!

until next time, keep gassing up. because in the span of 2 months it seems like all the gas in the world is drying up. extra extra – pay through the nose – hurry – buy me now – you need this – emergency!

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