Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Never Give Up on Someone

In 2003, there were 3, 800 deaths to suicide. What is startling to find out is that on a yearly basis, statistically, more deaths are caused due to suicide compared to that of fatal vehicle accidents. The causes of suicide were not determined and can be caused by multiple reasons.

Based on stats of the 80’s and 90’s, suicides fell in the age ranges of 45-60 and primarily with men. Sadly, today we are seeing more and more teenagers and young adults fall victim not only to suicide, but also drug and gang related deaths.

This leads to the question: Of the youth that are currently passing away, how many do you think lacked a support system or had people give up on them?

In the past 5 years I have lost a childhood friend to a drive-by shooting as well as a couple of former team mates to suicide. Two of which I lost contact with several years before they passed.

This really made me question if I could have done something or if I could have made a difference earlier?

Going through a process of self-actualization by writing my own personal story, I now understand through sharing this with my peers and close ones that you can not judge a book by it’s a cover. Everyone has a story. There is a reason for everything we choose to do and our present actions can easily be explained by what we have gone through in the past.

Too often human beings in general give up on people because of change of attitudes, difference in morals and values, different lifestyles or poor decisions. Having fall-outs with friends is going to happen in life…that is inevitable. However, one should think really hard about leaving those individuals that are not on the so-called correct path. What we must remember is that there is good in everyone and there are reasons why we chose to be friends with these people in the first place. Not only can a friendship be salvaged but more importantly you can help your friend:

• Get back on track
• Make better decisions
• Seek professional help
• Surround themselves with positive people
• Get out of the situation before it is too late
• Possibly save their life

Collectively, we have to look beyond people’s decisions in the now and look at ways to help them overcome their issues that they are facing. Don’t take the easier road of moving on. Do your best to help them face the challenge ahead.

Jason Sarai

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