Wednesday, June 11, 2008

nothing is a guarantee.

Yesterday - If you listened to a Canadian radio station this morning, you would have heard the big news in Canadian hockey - the rights to the infamous "Hockey Night in Canada" theme song is no longer owned by CBC Sports - the television network that broadcasts many of the NHL hockey games and has become a HUGE part of Canadian heritage.

The rights to this song (which has been owned by CBC Sports since 1968) now belongs to CTV (another Canadian broadcasting company). This is something that every Canadian hockey fan would have never expected and never thought would ever happen. Now, they are thinking that tuning into Hockey Night in Canada will never be the same...and although it doesn't change the game & the score, for some fans it will change the experience. And that is the thing that CBC Sports should be worrying about...this song is well known and gets people excited about watching the game. Less people excited = less people watching. And although it seems's true.

So, what was CBC thinking?

Although the specifics have not been shared (and many people might truly not find out), apparently they did not expect anyone else (broadcasting company) to out bid them. They believed that it was a guarantee. A guarantee that they would have & own the rights for the song so that it can continue to be played on Hockey Night in Canada on the station. However...

NOTHING is a guarantee.

This past weekend - If you have been following horse racing this year, your eyes would be following a horse by the name of Big Brown. Different than most, this horse has a combination of ALL the characteristics necessary to excel in the sport - the speed, strength, stamina, and soundness. With his undefeated record and because of these characteristics & abilities, Big Brown was a favorite and a "guarantee" to become the first Triple Crown winner (winner of all three major horse races - Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Park - in the same year) since 1978 this past weekend.

Although Big Brown was given the odds of 2/7 (meaning you would have to bet 7 to win 2) and the talk around the track was that Big Brown was a shoe in, last weekend he did not win the Belmont Park - and in fact, never came close. Which leads to the topic of today's blog...

NOTHING is a guarantee.

That's life. We really only have one guarantee - it's death. Other than that, everything & anything can happen. We can't be surprised if we experience the unexpected or if the ordinary achieves the extraordinary. At the end of the day, we don't know when are time is done or what is going to happen next BUT what we can do is make the decisions to put ourselves in the best positions to enjoy what we have & what we are doing. When we do this and it is our turn for our only guarantee...we are hopefully leaving this place loving what we have left behind...

BECAUSE even that can't be guaranteed.

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