Monday, June 02, 2008

The Power of Community

What is a community?

A group of indiviuals that come together to accomplish a common goal.

How is a community powerful?

It has the ability to challenge, support, teach and motivate people acheive extraordinary results.

Why be involved?

To meet likeminded people, pay it forward, provide hype, excitement and knowledge for others to want to join and the biggest reason; because it is so much more fun to celebrate victories with a team than as an individual!

Here is a great example of community that has developed over the last 8 months within Innovative Fitness and has proven very successful and produced many victories:

This past weekend saw a large group of Innovative Fitness customers and coaches compete in the Oliver 1/2 Ironman. For those of you who don't know, a 1/2 Ironman is a 2km swim, 93km bike and 21km run and takes a lot of time, dedication and sacrificing to train for. The location of this great race was in Oliver, a beautiful town located in what's called "Wine Country" in British Columibia's spectacular Okanagan.

It was the first 1/2 Ironman for many of the participants and marked the end of 8 months of hard training, overcoming fears and learning a ton about both how hard they can ultimately push themselves as well as the unique sport of triathlon.

When the group first developed, there were people who could barely swim, had never been in open water, never ridden a road bike or ran more than 10km. These were lofty barriers to overcome but with the right program, the right strength training in the gym, the numerous periodized training swims, rides and runs and consistent education, 19 people were able to cross the finishline last weekend. For most, it was the biggest physical acheivement they have ever accomplished.

To top it off, the support from the "community" at the finishline was the biggest influential factor of all. To have people who have sacrificed so much to get to that point, sharing the experience together, was undescribable.

What community are you going to join?

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