Monday, June 23, 2008

The Summertime Mentality - How to keep your team on top this season

As we enter into the summer months, the common trend is for people to start to lose focus from work and pay more attention to the local beach or their favorite patio. There are different strategies to ensure that employees stay focused and driven to continue to stay focused and perform during this sunny season…

As a leader you need to be transformational. The kind of person that motivates and inspires people to perform at levels far beyond anything that they had previously thought possible. This needs to happen on a consistent basis all year round – including summer.

1. Have a plan - Ensure that they are tangibly working towards their goals and you hold them accountable. One way to do this is to have them form a summertime or quarterly plan including all 5 spheres (social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical) on top of their professional sphere.

2. Set targets – Whether that is personal hours worked, increasing a billout, or bringing in more customers, people need targets to hit. Otherwise they will lose focus and if they slip during the summer, it will be harder to notice or hold them accountable.

3. Keep them busy – If the typical workload goes down due to people being away, ensure they are given new tasks to keep them on track – this way, the onset of boredom or dreaming about that patio does not become a constant struggle.

4. Slow times are the time to get ahead – Think about it, when many people take off for the summer or spend all their time at the beach and get minimal work done, this is the time to be working even harder, planning and prepping for the busy season. It takes the load off and you start miles ahead of the next person come September.

5. Constant feedback and time with are key – Just like anytime of the year, regular feedback on performance and results is very important. People need to know how they are doing so they can improve their performance and be proud of their successes especially during summer. If they are slipping in the work productivity and don’t even realize it, they need to know before it becomes routine. Same thing goes for if you spend the quality time with them educating and inspiring, they will respond.

If you are able to use these 5 points with your team this summer you will experience much success, both with your employees growth as well as your company's productivity. Come September, you will be miles ahead of the rest!

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