Monday, June 16, 2008

what / why & how.

They key elements of every communicated message, that when answered, maximize our opportunity to yield great results.

Think about how many times we have had to repeat messages, because the recipients just don't fully understand what it is we are looking for. well, instead of the usual 'may as well do it by myself, they don't get it, or why bother negativity after the fact - we could try to be thorough before hand.

Ensuring what / why & how are clearly spelled out in every instruction not only helps the receiver with the message, but also the sender in formulating clear instructions rather than ambiguous instruction. It slows down the delivery and in most cases to the advantage of making sense. Take some time to look at your instructions and ask yourself - have i answered the big 3 before you hit send or walk away.

If you have... and you still don't get the desired response - then yes, the recipient clearly has a challenge with taking direction.

quick one today folks - use it with your kids, spouses, students, employee's, boss's and friends - WHAT / WHY & HOW on everything you communicate. You will be surprised by how much less you have to speak, how fewer people it takes to do a single task and how much more effectively tasks are completed.


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