Monday, July 28, 2008

At One With Nature

This past weekend, a group of avid mountain bikers from Innovative Fitness travelled via float plane and 4x4 up to Tyax Resort to experience 2 days of some of the best mountain biking British Columbia has to offer. Resting on the shores of Tyaughton Lake, Tyax Resort is surrounded by the towering peaks of the South Chilcotin Mountain Range. It is located about 200km north of Vancouver, BC and 100km north of Whistler, BC.

Now, we do a ton of adrenaline junkie style outdoor sports and get to see a lot of the world's coolest places but I have to tell you that this weekend was an amazing opportunity to be at one with nature. Everything from being dropped off by float plane into the middle of a mountainous landscape in the middle of nowhere, to being surrounded by a over abundance of trees, wild flowers, wildlife, lakes, rivers, etc is indescribable.

If you are from a city and never get an opportunity to travel outside of it, I strongly recommend doing so. To be able to sit on the side of a mountain at 7500 feet above sea level and lose yourself in the vast landscape knowing there is nobody around you for miles and miles is an experience I strongly recommend. It puts things into perspective on where we originally came from and is definitely a humbling reality check to think of how small and insignificant we really are.

If mountain biking is not your thing, you could get out and hike or travel via horseback, atv, or 4x4. However you do it, just get out there and experience it. All your stresses and worries back home get lost in time and you are able to think with a clear mind.

Here is the link to the Tyax Resort website and an experience of a lifetime!

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